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Let’s chat about stress

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Urban list Brisbane
When Urban List Brisbane Visited

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4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your EMS Workout

EMS training is the perfect workout for time poor people. We share tips on getting the most out of your EMS workout.

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healthy eating diet
4 Tips For Getting Back On Track With Your Healthy Eating

4 easy ways to get back on track with your health eating if you had a day or weekend making some less than healthy choices.

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dairy free milk
How To Go Dairy Free

I share my top dairy free options and products to make transitioning to a dairy free diet or reducing your dairy intake easier.

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Workout with EMS
How Do EMS Workouts Help You Save Time

Save time, lose weight, tone your body and feel great. The most efficient and effective workout available.

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Eating for menopause
Foods For Menopause

Hormonal changes can be difficult to deal with but with some simple additions to your diet to support your symptoms and provide overall better wellbeing.

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Liz Cantor celebrity workout
Simple Ways to Cut Calories

Reduce calories simply without the need for detoxes or cutting out full food groups and still reach your fitness goals.

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Boost Your Immune System with EMS Training Brisbane

Regular physical activity can strengthen your immune system, keeping your body strong to help fight off possible infections and viruses.

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