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The Workout

Full body Personal Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training with Fit X EMS training Brisbane is a revolutionary workout that promises maximum results in minimum time. One-on-one personal training combined with cutting edge technology this is one of the fastest growing fitness training systems for busy people or those looking to take their fitness to the next level.

Each time you visit the Fit X EMS Brisbane studio you’ll work with our expert personal trainer certified in Advanced EMS training and functional fitness to ensure your workouts are tailored to reaching your fitness goals faster.

- Weight Loss

- Time Saving

- Increase Strength

- Improved Balance

- Reduce Back Pain

- Injury Rehabilitation

- Core Strength

- Post Pregnancy

- Body Sculpting

- Cellulite Reduction

- Low Impact

- Sports Performance

Our Studio

Turn up, suit up and start training. We provide all your training garments for you to get started straight away. Our Brisbane studio is designed for comfort and exclusivity so you can feel relaxed, motivated and ready to train the moment you arrive.

Located in the central hub of Ascot and only 6km from Brisbane’s CBD it’s a buzzing neighbourhood with plenty of cafes, supermarkets and salons to explore before and after your workout. Ample carparking is available free of charge for our clients so you can be in and out without taking too much time from your busy schedule.

The Technology

Reach peak performance with EMS personal training. Our equipment is at the forefront of EMS training and fitness innovation. Developed by German company Miha Bodytec, the system is designed and built in Europe to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. The Miha Bodytec system is the only whole-body EMS training device to be FDA approved. The system is designed to fast-track your fitness by combining whole body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) with functional training style workouts which are low to no impact and scientifically proven to build and strengthen muscles, increase metabolism and reduce back pain.

EMS is full body muscle contraction using electro impulses to stimulate all the major muscle groups as well as helping to develop the motoric nerve connections relating to muscle movement. By sending electric impulses directly to the motoric nerves, all muscles including weakly connected ones are simultaneously stimulated.


Fantastic. I highly recommend as the workout is an efficient full body work out. Muscles that I struggle to train during traditional exercise get activated and worked.

- Nat Joyner

Highly recommend the session , it was amazing . I loved the intensity of the session . I will definitely be back for more sessions.

- Emmanuel Etheridge

The instant relief for my back pain felt like a miracle, I can’t wait to go back again, I loved it. Michaela is a warm, professional trainer who really knows her stuff!

- Christine Spottiswoode

Have just started and already feel my body shape changing. Micaela is very supportive and helps you stretch your goals each session.

- Kerri McLeod

Fit X EMS is a great way of getting back into shape. It can be as gentle or as hard as you tolerate depending on your level of fitness. My fitness level is 0 at the moment and Micaela has been just fantastic with her endless encouragement and patience during classes.

- Anna C

I have really enjoyed this form of exercise! It’s exhilarating and I feel amazing. 20mins and I certainly feel it for a few days afterwards. Looking forward to my long term results of toning and weight loss. Micaela, you’re an awesome instructor and nutritionist:)

- Shirley Cheers
Our EMS experience since joining 3mths ago has been extremely rewarding, both our fitness and general health have benefitted enormously. Micaela provides a different routine and challenging session each time thereby eliminating the gym boredom. She has also provided nutritional advice which has been most beneficial. We highly recommend EMS training with Micaela.
- Mary Jago
An absolute workout. I love it. It’s a great way to maximise your exercise routine.
- Rowena Gould
I’m really enjoying the sessions with Micaela the variety and options are great.
- Vanessa Griese

I researched Fit X EMS and understood the theory of Electro Muscle Stimulation as I’d had experience with TENS machines before with previous injuries, but I didn’t know what to really expect how it was going to ‘actually work’ until Micaela suited me up. Micaela was engaging from my first contact and I felt at ease straight away with her prompt responses. Grateful there was no jargon talk while explaining the session and how the controlled movements during a pulse work with the suit. It was a bit difficult for me to grasp at first, as I was used to doing at least 45-120mins of intense exercise regularly (ex-triathlete and F45) to see/feel results. I can say that 20mins gases you out very comfortably and after 2-3weeks in, I can see/feel results starting.
It helps that Micaela is also a nutritionist and the 6week transformation plan includes a meal plan where most of the foods were already in my kitchen, although easy peasy to change protein or vegies.
To anyone thinking about giving this a try, book it in. So many reasons why you won’t regret it: it’s time efficient; it’s a 1:1 training session (unless you bring a buddy); no one is going to judge you for not wearing the latest Lorna or Lululemon because you don’t wear it; can book your own times to suit you; sessions are only once-twice a week; and you can go ‘heavy’ without using weights.
I can’t recommend this science based training enough and having Micaela as your trainer is the bonus. Her smile and belief in you to do “one more rep, you got this!” while you push thru the intensity of the pulses is really rewarding that I wish I found her and the training sooner. I’m happy to say Fit X EMS is now part of my lifestyle and anyone reading this, whether you’re wanting to lose weight, gain strength, injury ridden like bad back or knees or post baby exercise – I strongly recommend you give it a try 🙂

- Kelli Blackburn

EMS is the most efficient and effective training I have ever tried. Perfect for anyone of any age, strength, injury or fitness level.

- Shannon Cooper

I could go on how good this is. Just do it!!! No regrets. Fast results. Best thing I have ever done. Get yourself there!! Micaela is amazing.

- Julie M

Love FitXEMS Studio. I was looking for a workout that was quick but affective, I am 54 years of age and have problem with weakness in my knees, quads and glutes. I found lifting heavier weights at the gym was too stressful on my body. I tried my first session with Micaela and could not believe the low impact but the intense workout you receive on all your muscles….and yes you really feel it the next day. Micaela, you love to hate her but she gets results.
You are done and dusted in 20 minutes but feel like you worked out for an hour. Love it and would highly recommend.

- Julie Muscolino

I love EMS! I am amazed at what it has done for me …it took a while, and a lot of hard work, but I have lost cm’s and a few kilos while achieving overall increase in stamina, strength and well-being! And Micaela is a great exponent and trainer. She will tailor a program to suit all abilities, ages and fitness levels!

- Nikki Redfern

This is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I’ve never felt such a strong and intense workout, let alone in 20 minutes! Micaela is supportive, motivating and inspiring, the studio is so cute and super pretty 😍 would 100% recommend Fit X EMS 💪

- Taylor Rose

Incredible workout, super effective and and in such a short time. Great trainer. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Studio is nice as well. 10/10 would go again.

- Farrukh Rasif

Love my EMS workouts with Micaela – she is very knowledgeable & professional + the workouts are amazing & I’ve had great results!! Highly recommend.

- Shaye van Koutrik

If you don’t have a lot of time to work out this place is amazing! Even after just two weeks of doing EMS I have seen significant changes in my body and fitness. Micaela is so knowledgeable and I love that she is also a nutritionist. She even helped me with a nutrition plan to help me maintain the results from EMS. You can tell that she really cares about helping her clients. I would recommend her very highly. You will not be wasting your time or Money.

- Rachel Kelliher

I definitely recommend Micaela as a trainer, she’s very knowledgeable and knows how to push you in a fun way. Getting your workout done in a third of the time is an added bonus

- Luke Van koutrik

I didn’t know what to expect when arriving for my session today. I have weight trained for 14 years and have put on 35kg of muscle. I did a 20 minute workout with Micaela, and found this very challenging while only using 5kg weights lol
Thanks for today it was great!!!!

- Anavarz Au


Your first trial session is free. A 20 minute full body workout with EMS technology.

Trial Session


  • 1 x 20 minute private training session
  • EMS undergarment use
  • Valid for new EMS clients only


  • 20 minute ems training session
  • EMS undergarment use
5 Pack


  • 5 x 20 minute EMS training sessions
  • EMS undergarment use
  • Valid 3 months
10 Pack


  • 10 x 20 minute EMS training sessions
  • EMS undergarment use
  • Valid 6 months


  • 2 x  20 minute EMS training sessions per week
  • EMS undergarment use
  • Free EMS towel and grip socks
  • Weekly payments
  • Minimum term 6 months

6 Week Total Body Transformation Program

It’s time to take back control of your health and feel your best.

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