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Workouts for busy people using ems training brisbane

Are you a busy corporate, new mother, mother with older kids or can’t find the time to go to the gym? EMS training Brisbane with FitXLife is exactly what you need to reach your fitness goals without having to leave the house. That means whether you have kids at home or work a 9 to 5, job you can still enjoy staying fit, getting stronger and being healthy in 2021. 

FitXLife is Brisbane’s first mobile EMS training. Delivering 20 minute full body workouts to clients across Brisbane’s inner northern suburbs including Ascot, Clayfield, Kalinga, Eagle Junction, Newstead, New Farm, Albion, Hendra and Hamilton. 

EMS training is changing the way you workout.

With smart FDA approved technology EMS allows me to provide a safe, effective and efficient workout in just 20 minutes which equals the same as spending 90 minutes in a gym. Because of this technology two EMS sessions per week is the recommended amount of training required to reach your fitness goals whether its weight loss, muscle building, muscle toning, pelvic floor strengthening or just fitness maintenance.

What are the benefits of EMS Training at home?

You choose when to train. Using the FitXLife online booking system you can select a time which fits your schedule. I arrive on time with everything you need for a great workout including music! All you need to have ready is a towel, water bottle and either socks or sneakers (whichever you prefer). I provide a specially designed EMS undergarment which is freshly laundered and I take it back afterwards so you don’t have to worry about washing anything! 

Is one on one training better than group exercise?

Sometimes we can get lost as a number when training in a group. Group trainers often can’t see everyone at the same time and may not be able to adjust or correct your posture or alignment. One on one training can often be more effective as your certified EMS trainer can work directly with you throughout the 20 minute workout correcting your alignment as well as giving any alternative exercises you may need due to injury or tight muscle areas. I truly bring everything to each session – motivation included! Your workout is completely customised to your fitness level and if you have any restrictions due to injury. No two of my clients are the same which is why I work hard to deliver a personalised training session each and every time.

Why train with EMS technology?

Why not? Technology is the way of the future! And we’re all looking for more convenient ways of doing things, right?! With EMS technology, 20 minute sessions are the maximum length of training performed. In each 20 minute workout you are getting the equivalent to 90 minutes in the gym. That’s a 20 minute workout at home, whenever suits you, with your own private trainer. The Miha Bodytec EMS technology used by FitXLife Brisbane is a system which provides 150 times more muscle contractions than a regular training session and activates all major muscle groups simultaneously. The EMS suits also contains a pulse generator which connects to the Miha Bodytec machine and allows me as your EMS trainer to control the intensity of each muscle group and customise your workout to suit your needs. 

Are you ready to give EMS training with FitXLife a go? What are you waiting for?

Brisbane’s first EMS in home mobile training. One on one private training to suit your schedule with workouts that only take 20 minutes of your precious time. Burn up to 500 calories per session and get the most out of your workouts for minimal time. 

Try it today by booking your free EMS training session online! 

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