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How Do EMS Workouts Help You Save Time

EMS training at Brisbane’s first boutique EMS training studio is unlike any other workout you’ve tried before. Time saving is the name of the game in EMS, a technology which has been around for over 20 years becoming highly popular in Europe through the mid 2000’s.

Using our state of the art German technology our EMS workouts allow you to activate two times more muscle fibres than conventional resistance training. In a conventional gym training workout lifting weights we can naturally stimulate around 45-50% of muscles. With EMS (electro muscle stimulation) we are able to increase that stimulation to 90% of muscle fibres. This is possible because the signal is generated externally (via the impulse), rather than internally (via the brain) as you would in a regular weight training workout. This allows your workouts to be more efficient and muscles working more effectively throughout the entire session.

On top of that, EMS sessions at the studio are done 1:1 with a personal trainer or together with a friend. Each workout is carefully tailored to the individual and is a true full body workout which activates all your major muscle groups simultaneously. Each 20 minute EMS session gives each of your major muscle groups 10 minutes time under tension, the equivalent to hours in the gym. Who has time to spend hours at the gym? No one at FitX EMS Brisbane.


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