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4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your EMS Workout

If you’ve been coming a while or you’ve just started your EMS training with me you’ll know how passionate I am about EMS workouts and helping you reach your ultimate fitness goals! Some exercises which you may have thought you’d never be able to do your now doing with ease. You know I will push you, motivate you and help you through the journey as much as I can but what happens outside the studio is up to you. By following my simple tips for getting the most out of your workout you’ll achieve results that’ll not only shock your body but boost your confidence and improve your health.

Warm up.

Whether your doing a full strength session or a mix of cardio and strength training with EMS I will always ask for you to complete a short burst of jogging to get the body warm to activate the muscles and warm your body up. This prevents injury and actually allows you to use your muscles more effectively and perform movements so you get the most out of them. 

Nutrition comes first.

Because you’re working out regularly your body needs more food to fuel it and the type of food you’ll need is important too. 

A balance of protein and carbohydrates each day to replenish your body and your energy stores and assist with muscle recovery. By following my 6 Week Program Nutrition Guide you will learn healthy habits around food, how to cook food that nourishes the body and how to make good choices when dining out or cooking for friends and family. 

Each meal should include a quality source of protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Each of these will help synthesise your muscle after a workout so you’re getting more out of the session and seeing great results. 

My nutrition guide includes some great smoothie options with added protein from my favourite protein powder while there are plenty of other options for winter warming porridge and protein packed egg recipes. Lunches, dinners and snacks are filled with equally delicious ingredients which are easy to find, simple to prepare and most can be prepared ahead of time so you can always have something healthy and ready to go regardless of how busy life becomes.

Rest days are just as important. 

Giving your body time to recover is the key to getting the most out of your workouts. It may seem counterintuitive but without rest days you’ll never get the results you’re striving for. Your body and mind need the time to rest, recover and repair. Enjoy 1-2 rest days per week by doing a lighter form of movement like walking, swimming, yoga or pilates. 


I may sound like a broken record while you’re training but I’m telling you to ‘exhale’ and use the ‘breath’ for good reason. The reason; when you exhale all the air out, you increase core engagement. A tight core equals more power, more stability and a stronger mid section will protect your back from taking too much load, a main cause for back pain and injury. 

My suggestion for optimal results – 2 x EMS sessions per week combined with my 6 Week Total Body Transformation Program will have you well on your way to getting the body you want, increasing your fitness and feeling better from the inside, out.

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