Fitness for Seniors using electro muscle stimulation

How does EMS benefit SENIORS?

Muscle mass in general decreases with age and conventional weight training can be too much on joints and tendons. Mobility and flexibility decreases and can lead to poor form which then causes injury or muscle tightness. EMS works by using electrical impulses to stimulate muscles while performing low intensity exercises. That means you can achieve desired results even from lower intensity workouts. 

As a whole body workout EMS trainers focus on body weight movements and balance exercises to increase strength, mobility and endurance and because the workout is only 20 minutes it only requires a short burst of energy and then it’s over. 2 sessions per week is recommended for optimal results and within just a couple of weeks you’ll see your strength increase and body start to become more toned.

EMS has been used by astronauts to maintain their muscle while in space and the same electro muscle stimulation technology is ideal for seniors who aren’t as fit as they were in younger years but want to get back into some sort of fitness or try a different type of workout to mix things up. A certified EMS trainer must always be present to provide a safe and controlled workout using the EMS machine. With short impulses to contract the muscles trainers must ensure the correct levels are delivered to the client.

A certified EMS trainer will always check any past or current medical conditions, injuries and where your current fitness level is. They will plan, adapt and supervise the workouts to suit the individual client working towards their fitness goals. 

Why is keeping fit and maintaining fitness so important for SENIORS?

Whether it’s training with EMS or some other form of workout it’s important for older people to keep moving. However EMS is the most effective way to build strength and tone muscles without needing heavy weights and placing unnecessary impact on joints and tendons. The more you workout the greater your endurance and increase in metabolic rate which is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. 

The longer fitness and workouts can be maintained through the years the greater the chance of living a longer and healthier life. 

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