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Everything you need to know about EMS training.

What To Expect?

With Fit X EMS training everything you need to train is provided! Your first session will include a quick check in with your trainer, getting suited up in the EMS under garments and vest. The first 4-5 minutes of your 20 minute session will be getting used to the impulses followed by your full body workout with a range of exercises for you to get a feel for EMS training. It is normal to feel some (good) muscle fatigue, you’ll also experience better blood circulation, venous return and energy!

Changing rooms and lockers are available and a small play area for little kiddos to enjoy while you train.


Rapid weight loss, improved cardiovascular fitness, reduced back pain, increase muscle tone and strength are just a few of the benefits our clients have experienced with EMS training. Combined with good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle you will reach your fitness and body goals faster. After 3 -4 weeks of training you should see noticebly firmer muscles, increased strenght and reduced back pain. In 8 weeks you could notice weight loss, reduction in joint pain and an incresae in performance of strenght and endurance.

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Bring A Friend

Working out with a friend can boost motivation and make exercise more fun. Friends, family, colleagues or (adult) children we love training groups of one or two using EMS.

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Fantastic. I highly recommend as the workout is an efficient full body work out. Muscles that I struggle to train during traditional exercise get activated and worked.

- Nat Joyner

Highly recommend the session , it was amazing . I loved the intensity of the session . I will definitely be back for more sessions.

- Emmanuel Etheridge

The instant relief for my back pain felt like a miracle, I can’t wait to go back again, I loved it. Michaela is a warm, professional trainer who really knows her stuff!

- Christine Spottiswoode

Have just started and already feel my body shape changing. Micaela is very supportive and helps you stretch your goals each session.

- Kerri McLeod

Fit X EMS is a great way of getting back into shape. It can be as gentle or as hard as you tolerate depending on your level of fitness. My fitness level is 0 at the moment and Micaela has been just fantastic with her endless encouragement and patience during classes.

- Anna C

I have really enjoyed this form of exercise! It’s exhilarating and I feel amazing. 20mins and I certainly feel it for a few days afterwards. Looking forward to my long term results of toning and weight loss. Micaela, you’re an awesome instructor and nutritionist:)

- Shirley Cheers