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When it comes to personal training, everybody is different. At Fit X EMS Studios we pair you with our skilled trainers who will custom tailor the workouts to meet your body’s unique needs whatever your age or fitness ability. With EMS you only need to train for 2 × 20 minutes sessions a week to see visible results.

First Time

What to Expect
From Our Studio

Get the full Fit X EMS experience every time you train. Everything you need is provided from your very first session so you just need to turn up. One of our certified trainers will explain EMS and its benefits, help you get suited up and take you through a 20 minute full body workout spending the first 4-5 minutes getting used to the impulses. You’ll leave the session feeling energised, invigorated and with some (good) muscle fatigue also known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) days after.

With state-of-the-art EMS equipment and professional staff. Fit X EMS boasts luxury facilities in a private studio making it a unique and beautiful space that gives our members a sense of comfort every time they arrive.


The Fit X EMS

Develop lasting rituals for long term results – Whatever your fitness goals, Fit X EMS provides the environment, tools, and private training to help you break through barriers and reach your goals.

Best EMS Technology Available

Using the leading FDA approved EMS technology by German manufacturer, Miha Bodytec. Science backed systems used worldwide by health care professionals and fitness enthusiasts.

Private EMS Training Sessions

No group training sessions. Every workout is customised by a dedicated personal trainer who will tailor your training session to helping you achieve your goals faster.

Certified EMS Trainers

Our trainers are EMS certified by Gluckerkolleg International as well as our own internal training procedures ensuring you get the highest level of service and workout every session.

Qualified Nutritionist

Our certified Nutritionist will work to redefine your diet, lifestyle habits and behaviour choices with a program that’s simple to follow and maintainable long term.



What Our Members Have to Say

Micaela is a great trainer and is supportive of her clients goals and aspirations. She is always happy to help with any questions and has a great knack of getting the bes
Ciaran M
I am loving getting a kick start back into feeling like the old me! Micaela is a beautiful supportive and gentle trainer and I cannot wait to see the results
Belinda Stokes
There's no denying it. It's hard work. You always feel better afterward and chuffed that you showed the discipline. Micaela is an ever present support and manages to give
Michael Little
Excellent workout and only 20 minutes. Michaela and Sam make sure it is fun and pushes you - which I need ! Highly recommended!
Steph Walls
Fit X EMS has been amazing for me. I used to have chronic back pain but now my core is strong and my back pain has disappeared. The trainers are fantastic and the worko
Brendan Cronin
Massive workout and great staff. Micaela and her team were amazing in getting my core strength and muscle toning back to where I could train properly again. I will be a r
Adam West
Love it! Great vibe, have seen results within 2 weeks. Trainers are lovely.
Jazmyn Williams
I thoroughly enjoy each session with Micaela. Still can believe the results for just a 20 minute session. I’ve toned up, lost weight and it’s the perfect start to a busy
Marietta Goddard
Fantastic. I highly recommend as the workout is an efficient full body work out. Muscles that I struggle to train during traditional exercise get activated and worked.
Nat Joyner
Highly recommend the session , it was amazing . I loved the intensity of the session . I will definitely be back for more sessions.
Emmanuel Etheridge

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