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EMS Training Post Pregnancy

How to get in shape with electro-muscle stimulation training after pregnancy. 

Getting your pre-pregnancy body back can be a challenge due to a variety of factors. Your focus is on nourishing and nurturing your baby and so it should be! FitXLife EMS training gives you an alternative option to strenuous exercises and allows you to stay home and workout at a time that suits you and your baby’s schedule. EMS training targets any problem areas without the need for high intensity movements and activating all your muscle to increase strength and endurance. EMS training is a short 20 minute workout and has proven results in weight loss, increasing muscle strength, burning calories and increasing pelvic floor strength which can often be weakened while giving birth. 

EMS targets the adductor muscles of the thigh as well as the nerves which supply the pelvic floor muscles. This can help to prevent and improve urinary incontinence linked to pregnancy and birth. 

Not only is EMS suitable for women post pregnancy suffering from weakened pelvic floor muscles but it also offers an effective solution to increasing strength and cardiovascular fitness without the need for high intensity exercise or heavy weight training. Under the guidance and motivation of a certified EMS trainer like Micaela from FitXLife Brisbane you can perform safe exercises using EMS technology which have no impact on joints or areas of injury such as knee pain or back pain. 

Each EMS session is only 20 minutes so it can easily fit into the schedule of busy mothers and a babies feeding schedule. Doctors clearance is required for mothers who are less than 3 months post pregnancy and those who are breastfeeding as some adjustments need to be made with the machine’s electro impulses. The 20 minute workout is perfect for time poor mothers and as a mobile EMS trainer in Brisbane Micaela will come directly to you so you and your baby can remain in the comfort of your environment.

Micaela is also a qualified Nutritionist and available for nutritional advice and correct supplementation for your training plan, working one on one to help you achieve your post pregnancy fitness goals faster, safer and without taking away precious time from your baby.

It couldn’t be easier to get started. All you need to do is book your session online and I will visit your home with everything you need to have a great workout, fun and most of all effective training to reach your post pregnancy fitness and wellness goals. 

Not in Brisbane? I travel to some areas in the Gold Coast. Please send me a message on social media, email or sms and I will do my best to accommodate you. It’s my goal to allow as many people as possible to try EMS, get fit and have more time!

Book today and see the change in your body and overall fitness with FitXLife EMS training Brisbane.


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