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EMS Training: The Best Workout to Get Back in Shape in 30 Days

Life is busy, sometimes hectic. This fast-paced living can often take it’s toll. It leads to unwanted stress, which makes having a good work life balance difficult to achieve. Our health and fitness are usually being put on the back burner during stressful times.

What’s of concern here is our health. Finding the time to fit in fitness becomes a struggle and oftentimes becomes too hard and people decide to “have a break”. What some don’t realise is fitness reduces stress, promotes better sleep and of course keeps our inner health and immune system working properly. Technology is constantly being created to make it easier to get in shape. Faster results in 30 days, feel fitter, faster and re-energise your body again.

Of course there are many forms of exercise that will help you lose weight fast however one that has been scientifically proven and researched is the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) that we use at Fit X EMS Brisbane. We have developed a training program that helps you achieve your desired fitness goals faster with the use of our EMS technology in combination with 1 on 1 personal training. 

How does EMS Training work?


EMS training is a 20 minute full body workout designed by our qualified personal trainers. The machine creates low-frequency electrical currents that are passed through muscle fibres causing them to contract. 90% of muscle fibres are stimulated simultaneously which leads to an increase in muscle strength, overall body toning, stimulation of blood flow to reduce cellulite and the increase of cardiovascular endurance, making it one of the most effective forms of exercise to lose fat fast with uncompromised results. 

When compared with conventional weight training, EMS workouts still require consistent training. It is not a magic pill which instantly sees results – nothing is. But it does produce faster results only requiring 2 sessions per week with a qualified EMS trainer. Within 4 weeks of training and following a balanced nutrition plan you will see results. These results are primarily fat loss, muscle toning, reduction in body fat percentage and overall increase in endurance. 

EMS full body workouts have become so popular across the world that renowned celebrities and athletes are using this form of training to keep their bodies in top form or in preparation for blockbuster movies or the catwalk. Celebrities like Madonna, Tom Holland, Usain Bolt, Heidi Klum, Chrissy Teigan, Roger Federa, Ashley Graham, Alesandra Ambrosio, Zac Efron and many more.

Is EMS the best way to lose weight fast?

EMS training is already very popular across the world especially in Europe, United States and Asia. It is fast becoming one of the best exercises to lose fat fast, especially for those that are time poor. With EMS technology stimulating all your major muscle groups in combination with a full body workout it strengthens and tones your muscles giving you the body you’ve always wanted.

Is EMS training safe?

EMS is safe for all ages and fitness abilities. As long as you are generally healthy EMS has no negative impact on your body so long as you are being trained by a qualified EMS trainer and using the best EMS equipment like the one we use at Fit X EMS by german company Miha Bodytec. There are a few contraindications where some cannot do EMS training; those with a pacemaker, suffering from neurological or cardiac issues, cancer and pregnant women.

If you do have any questions about EMS and how it can help you lose weight please contact us or visit us in store. 

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