EMS Training Side Effects and getting the most out of each session

EMS (Electro muscle stimulation) is a full body workout delivered in only 20 minutes. There’s no need to sweat for hours at the gym or sign up for long term memberships feeling pressured to go ‘just because you pay for it’. With just 2 sessions per week your body will receive the same benefits as 3 hours conventional training. It’s one on one personal training combined with scientifically proven EMS technology and the best part it’s all done in 20 minutes. As a personal EMS trainer I come to your home, explain the concept of EMS, motivate and help you get the most out of your workout and assist to reach your goals whether weight loss, increasing strength, tone, reducing back pain, tightening pelvic floor muscles or increasing cardiovascular health. EMS has been proven effective and the 20 minute workout is one of the most efficient full body workouts you’ll try.

To get the most out of your session post workout here are a few things I always try to remind my clients.

1. Hydration! Drink plenty of water before and after your session.

As a general guide on a regular day you should be drinking 2 litres of water each day. When training with EMS or any other form of exercise you should increase your water intake to about 3 litres. Good hydration is beneficial for so many vital functions of the body such as;

  • Regulating body temperature
  • Absorbing nutrients
  • Digestion
  • Lubricating joints to help you move
  • Flushing out toxins
  • Transporting oxygen throughout the body
  • Protecting organs and tissue
  • Making hormones and neurotransmitters

2. Follow the lights by using the screen on the Miha Bodytec machine as your guide.

Start contracting your muscles during the orange light and begin fighting the impulse during the green light. It may take a few goes to learn and get used to the timing but you will feel the intensity of your workouts increase and will get maximum impulses to your muscles and receive all the benefits during and following the session.

3. Make the most of the 20 minutes! It’s only 20 minutes you can do it.

Add in short bursts of cardio type exercises during the red light signals. This could be quick air punches, speed squats, running on the spot or knee tucks. Do what your body allows, it’s not a competition.

4. Maximum results come from the technique.

The beauty about a one on one EMS training session is that your personal trainer will have the knowledge of various ways to activate muscles. The benefits of EMS don’t come from turning the machine up to maximum but in fact it’s the brain which signals the muscles to contract. It is the brain which is doing the work and your trainer can give you exercises to compliment those signals.

5. Diet, food, balance.

You can put all your time into working out but without proper nutrition your results will be slower. Training is an investment of your time, financially as well as for your long term health. With a balanced diet your workouts will become more effective and recovery of your muscles will be quicker. As a qualified nutritionist I am just as passionate about my personal training using EMS as I am about diet. I am always happy to offer support and guidance around both your EMS training and your food. Post workout stay hydrated throughout the day eating fresh fruits, vegetables and good protein sources such as fish, chicken or vegan options like tofu, tempeh or beans.

6. Stretch, recover, regenerate!

Just as important as your workouts using EMS is the time you spend stretching out your muscles. Before a session a quick roll down, stretch from side to side and hamstring stretch will release the hips, hamstrings and back. After your workout it’s important to stretch out the legs, back, neck, arms and hips to help boost your flexibility, mobility and reduce the risk of any new or further injury. Muscle tension can be released through stretching and may even help your performance of future workouts. It’s also important to allow a few days between each session for muscle regeneration and recovery, that’s why 20 minutes once or twice per week using EMS is suitable in conjunction with cardio or light training workouts like yoga or pilates.

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