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EMS training has been mentioned as the ‘future of fitness’ and its not hard to understand why. We are increasingly becoming more time poor with work, personal life, children and social events. Unfortunately, our fitness and wellbeing is neglected when life gets busy. As the owner of FitXLife and first mobile EMS personal trainer in Brisbane I bring the workout to you. I can be set up, motivate you through your 20 minute EMS workout and packed away in under 30 minutes so you can get back to your busy schedule. It’s the workout that fits in with you. 

FitXLife uses state of the art German made EMS technology which has been scientifically proven and extensively researched. The workout is cutting-edge, low impact, more effective and more efficient than any other form of training allowing thousands of Australians from athletes, models, executives, new and busy mothers, elderly and those recovering from injury a deeper more effective workout than conventional gym sessions in a fraction of the time. 

If you’ve been previously spending hours in the gym you’ll be surprised to know that 1, 20 minute EMS personal training session with me is the equivalent of 90 minutes in the gym. Twice per week of EMS training is then the equivalent to 3 hours. The science backed research shows that EMS training is an effective way to keep fit, lose weight, reduce back pain, strengthen muscles and get the most out of your workout without any strain on joints or muscles.

During a field test the University of Bayreuth set out to discover whether EMS training had a positive impact on body strength, overall wellness, body composition, body awareness, muscular imbalances, mood, back pain and incontinence. 

134 people were tested (102 female and 32 male) across four fitness centres with an average age of 42.5 years and compared to a control group both groups examined based on age and gender before and after six weeks of EMS training. 

These involved tests on;

  • Maximum strength
  • Physical endurance
  • Body weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Hip and weight measurements
  • Changes to back pain
  • Incontinence results
  • Changes to general health, wellbeing, mood changes
  • Changes to body contouring
  • Changes to body stability and muscular imbalances

The results from the study showed:

82.3% reduced back pain – 29.9% were symptom free afterwards

40.3% complained about chronic pain beforehand and 9.3% after the study was completed.

75.8% saw an improvement with incontinence and 33.3% were free of incontinence symptoms after the study.

Overall maximum strength increased by 12.2% and overall muscular endurance rose 69.3%

Medical conditions by the group greatly reduced by about 50%

Body weight and BMI remained virtually the same however in the training group Body fat percentage fell by 1.4% and rose 6.7% in the control group. Younger participants lost more weight however no gender or weight related variations resulted. 

Body measurements were reduced significantly in the women who took part. Overall measurement results; chest (-0.7cm), thigh (-0.4cm), waist (-1.4cm) and hips (-1.1cm). Among the men measurement results were reduced in the waist (-1.1cm) but simultaneous growth at the upper arm (+1.5cm), chest (+1.2cm) and thigh (+0.3cm). Interestingly the control group showed no improvement and expanded at the waist and hips during the same time frame. 

The studies overall body feeling improved with 83% recognising less body tension. 89% having greater stability and 83% higher overall body performance. 86.8% of studies noticed positive changes to body contour and 90% of the participants found EMS sessions a positive form of training to reach overall fitness and wellbeing goals. 

If the science results have you intrigued and you’re keen to give EMS training a go with me I am available for EMS personal training sessions in Brisbane. I come to you with everything you need for a quick, effective workout so you can get back to your busy life as soon as possible. Book a trial or 3 session introductory offer through my website today and get fit in just 20 minutes a week. 

References: (VATTER, J., Universität Bayreuth, 2003; Publication AVM-Verlag München 2010).

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