EMS Training Price Versus gym

When weighing up the price of EMS training compared to a gym membership it’s easy to assume a gym membership is cheaper than an EMS session. On paper a gym membership at $10-$50 per week is cheaper but many people haven’t accounted for their time, the efficiency and effectiveness of their workout and the long term commitment required before seeing recognisable results from your gym workouts. Factor in the cost for a personal trainer to keep you on track and help you reach your fitness goals. Now, the price seems more comparable if not competitive.

For many, a gym membership sounds great if you can motivate yourself, have proper alignment and form and know your sweet spot of cardio fitness and strength training to get the most out of your workout. 


Firstly, the main difference between EMS training and a gym membership is time. 2 x 20 minute sessions of EMS training is the equivalent to approximately 3 hours of conventional training, factoring in the 400-500 calories burned during EMS training and the calories burned over the days following the EMS training session. This means you would need to visit the gym 5-6 times each week to get the same training benefits for the same price as 2 EMS training sessions. 

With FitXLife your EMS training session is one on one which means you’re not paying a gym membership plus the cost of a personal trainer. It’s all included!

YouR time compared to ems training prices.

How about your time? That’s got a dollar value too! Let’s say the value of your time is $60 per hour. You travel to the gym, do a 60 minute workout or class, have a shower, stretch, chat to a few passersby and then return back to your day. That could take 2 or more hours from your day. If you went to the gym at a minimum 3 times per week. Your total cost without a gym membership and personal trainer is $360. Add on an average gym membership of $20 and just one personal training session $80 your weekly gym membership actually costs you $460. What if you visited the gym 5 days a week plus membership and trainer $700! 

Let’s say you book two EMS training sessions with Micaela at FitXLife. Micaela visits your home at a time which suits you. You save on petrol costs, parking, gym memberships and extra personal training costs. Two sessions per week $160. Each session is 20 minutes of workout and takes a maximum of 30 minutes out of your day if you include a quick catch up chat to see how you’re feeling any new injuries, muscle soreness and suit up time. 1 hour per week of workout training time and in the comfort of your own home makes your EMS training with Micaela over 75% cheaper than a gym membership, not to mention the comparisons in effectiveness. 

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