ems for incontinence

Incontinence cures – EMS training study


The objective was to study the effects of EMS training on urinary incontinence. 17 people (15 female and 2 male) were tested using EMS and their improvement on medium level of urinary incontinence. Subjects trained two times a week for 10 consecutive sessions doing 25 minute workouts. Each study performed the same isometric workouts during the EMS training sessions.

Study result highlights

In the group an alleviation of urinary incontinence was seen in 64.7% of the cases who trained using EMS. 

23.5% of participants became symptom free after the training period

24% noticed a significant change in their discomfort

35.9% saw no change. 

Study Conclusion

As well as being a full body workout EMS training has shown significant results in relief from back pain, urinary incontinence in both males and females. EMS training has also shown positive effects on muscle formation, cardiovascular endurance, body contouring and improvements in mental wellbeing, mood, body balance and overall performance, increasing quality of life.

(cf. Eriksen 1987, Sebastio 2000, Salinas Casado 1990, Meyer 2001)  

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