Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Weight Loss

The benefits of EMS training have been extensively researched and scientifically proven. One of these benefits is it’s effectiveness in promoting weight loss and reducing body fat percentage. Not only does it result in healthier weight and BMI measurements it also helps you to tone, strengthen and build muscles without the need for heavy lifting exercises or high intensity training which can be hard on joints and tendons especially those with weak knees or back issues. 

During your 20 minute EMS training session you receive over 90% stimulation to your main muscle groups. Because of this you’ll burn more calories during and long after the workout. EMS targets muscles by contracting them on impulse through the electrodes. These contractions are what builds and tones your muscles. As EMS builds muscle it also helps to boost your metabolism and burn more fat. It effectively targets fat deposits to help you lose weight, decrease body fat and reduce cellulite. 

EMS is an overall strength based training targeting deep muscle into the bodies main muscle groups through electrical stimulation and impulses. Compared to traditional weight training where research shows a well trained person with proper form can only engage 50% of their muscle groups, EMS activates 90% of muscles at once. This leads to an improvement in muscular imbalances, flexibility, muscle tone, increased core stability and of course weight loss.

EMS versus conventional training

Training once per week for 20 minutes has been proven to be the equivalent of 3 to 4 hours of conventional strength training at the gym. Among the differences is that EMS provides no strain on joints and tendons with exercises suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The use of weights and other equipment is not necessary to receive full benefits out of each session and is sometimes included to help with proper alignment or deeper muscle contractions. 

It’s important to remember that EMS training is an intense form of exercise. It doesn’t cause pain, some describe the feeling to be tingly like a massage. Because EMS is using technology and muscle stimulation it is important to be under the guidance of a trained and certified EMS trainer. Your EMS trainer can work with you to reach your optimal fitness goals in a safe and controlled way through the electro-muscle stimulation technology which we use at FitXLife. 

Accelerate Your Weight Loss

We recommend 1-2 sessions per week as well as following a tailored nutrition plan. The inclusion of 2-3 cardio based exercises per week such as walking, pilates, yoga, swimming or jogging will only accelerate your weight loss and increase your cardiovascular fitness.

If you are unsure if EMS training is right for you please discuss with your GP or contact Micaela for more information. You will also find a list of contraindications of EMS training in the FAQ section of the website. 

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