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Electro Muscle Stimulation for back pain and physical therapy.

Electro muscle stimulation is nothing new, the technology has been around for decades used by Russian soviets back in the early 70’s as a way to enhance their sports performance. The benefits of electrical stimulation on muscles for physical therapy and to reduce back pain are well known and have been extensively researched with similar technology like TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) units and other focussed muscle stimulation equipment used by physical therapists globally. EMS started out in physical therapy and has only, in the last couple of decades been used as a form of fitness enhancing workouts which cuts down workout time and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of a workout session as opposed to conventional gym training. 

How is EMS used to help injury?

EMS is well promoted as a way to get fit efficiently and strengthen muscles effectively but there are also many benefits to using the same technology for therapy or rehabilitation. When someone becomes injured or has medical issues concerning their bones or joints they often look for pain relief or reduction to increase flexibility, range of motion and allow better functional movements in their daily life. 

Injury can often lead to someone being inactive for a period of time and is why muscle stimulation and its benefits to muscle strengthening are beneficial as a form of physical therapy and rehabilitation. 

The electrical impulses of EMS aid your muscles to contract, resulting in muscle development and strengthening. During an EMS session your muscles are contracting 150 times more than they would during a conventional training session hitting all your major muscle groups. With the use of this proven technology you can strengthen muscles without the need for weights or impact movements and minimal strain to your joints.

When is EMS beneficial for therapy?

Pelvic Floor strengthening or urinary incontinence.

Both men and women can experience urinary incontinence but it more affects women after giving birth. An involuntary leakage of urine, urinary incontinence happens as the muscles around the pelvis and bladder weaken making it harder to have control over urinary flow. By performing exercises which strengthen the muscles around the bladder such as the lower back and pelvis the area becomes stronger and stimulation may also contribute to the growth of nerve cells which cause muscles to contract and lead to better bladder control. 

Lower back pain management.

Back pain is one of the most common muscle related complaints in both women and men and can often be due to poor core strength and inflamed when functional movements such as lifting something heavy without using proper positioning and posture. During an EMS session you will go through a series of exercises which help to strengthen the core, back and all the posterior muscles which will assist in the recovery of your back pain.

How I work with clients who require physical therapy.

Prior to a training session I always do a quick assessment on your physical capabilities, any weaker areas of your body or tight spots. We can feel different from one day to the next so it’s important to listen to our bodies and only push workouts to a point where it’s still safe and puts no pressure on areas which are weak. EMS personal training with me means I can tailor each workout to your fitness abilities and exclusively focus on you for the 20 minute session. With one on one guidance you’ll reach your personal and fitness goals faster and safer. 

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