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30 days to get fit
EMS Training: The Best Workout to Get Back in Shape in 30 Days
June 23, 2022
Life is busy, sometimes hectic. This fast-paced living can often take it’s toll. It leads to unwanted stress, which makes having a good work life...
How to Boost your Metabolism for Weight Loss?
June 23, 2022
Do you feel like you are constantly dieting? Did you know that on average we have all tried at least 126 different diets – low...
energy in cooler months
4 Ways to Keep Your Energy Levels Up in Cooler Months
March 29, 2022
One month into Autumn and the mornings are a little darker and some days, a touch cooler. Winter is on the way! As the cooler...
ems_gut health
7 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut
February 20, 2022
How is your gut health? A question you may be asking yourself more as research continues to prove the importance of good gut health and...
ems Stress control
Let's chat about stress
January 18, 2022
  To easily understand (not that its always easy to) stress we can break it down into 3 pillars – mental, physical and emotional. When...
ems strength training
When Urban List Brisbane Visited
October 3, 2021
  Urban List Brisbane tries and EMS workout at Fit X EMS.  Read their experience below… Finding the motivation to get up at 5am so...
ems workouts for women
4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your EMS Workout
September 1, 2021
EMS training is the perfect workout for time poor people. We share tips on getting the most out of your EMS workout.
healthy eating training
4 Tips For Getting Back On Track With Your Healthy Eating
August 25, 2021
4 easy ways to get back on track with your health eating if you had a day or weekend making some less than healthy choices.
almond milk
How To Go Dairy Free
August 18, 2021
I share my top dairy free options and products to make transitioning to a dairy free diet or reducing your dairy intake easier.


Effects of 8 Week EMS in Adolescent Girls

EMS Effect on Plyometric Training

Effects of EMS in Female Softball Players

Effects of EMS with Static Stretching on Hamstrings Flexibility

Effects on Knee Extensor Strength

Effects of EMS in Elite Soccer Players

Responses during voluntary pedalling exercise with EMS

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