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Workout at home with EMS training Brisbane

Imagine still being able to train to your maximum fitness level without needing to leave home. This is actually already a reality with EMS training Brisbane. My in home private training service is mobile across Brisbane inner north suburbs and the Gold Coast to allow clients to train in the comfort of their own home, following covid safe guidelines for a fun, efficient and effective workout which will get your body moving, calories burning and keeping not just your muscles strong but your immune system too. 

Mobile EMS training in Brisbane is possible with FitXLife and the Miha Bodytec electro-muscle stimulation technology. A 20 minute workout which has been scientifically researched and results proven using the latest muscle stimulation technology. This is Brisbane’s first mobile EMS training solution with motivation from me as your personal trainer. 

As a certified trainer I offer mobile EMS training across the Brisbane inner north suburbs and Gold Coast at a time and place convenient for you because EMS training Brisbane works around you and your schedule. Whether you work from home, are a busy parent or can’t find the time or motivation to visit the gym, I work with you to come up with a training solution that works. 

Training sessions are only 20 minutes of complete workout time and a few extra minutes to put on the specially designed electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) suit all provided by me. I provide the EMS under garments, EMS suit, music and motivation, all you need to bring is your towel, water bottle and time. 

A few key points about EMS training Brisbane with FitXLife:

  • EMS training is a full body workout using FDA approved electro muscle stimulation technology to stimulate and activate muscle fibres while you perform exercises. 
  • EMS training activates 90% of muscles at once for a more effective and efficient workout in a lot less time (20 minute sessions).
  • EMS hits every major muscle group simultaneiously.
  • EMS workouts are low to no impact, safer on joints and have been used for rehabilitation of injury or pain in the back, knees or other joints.

Are you interested in trying EMS training in Brisbane?

EMS fitness is an all round workout for adults of any age and fitness abilities. EMS has been used by athletes, celebrities, injured, quadriplegics, disabled, seniors, new mothers and those suffering from (chronic) back pain.

Whether you’re a time poor executive, new mother, don’t like the gym or prefer home workouts, FitXLife EMS training Brisbane works around your busy schedule. Booking is simple, quick and workouts are intense and effective. Each workout follows basic functional training principles so anyone of any fitness level can do it. 

As a certified EMS trainer it’s my job to motivate you through your 20 minute workout while controlling the EMS machine so that you can achieve your desired results safely. EMS training Brisbane will change the way you look at fitness, this is the future of fitness and only requires 20 minutes of your time twice per week. 

It couldn’t be easier to get started. All you need to do is book your session online and I will visit your home with everything you need to have a great workout, fun and most of all effective training to reach your fitness and wellness goals. 

Not in Brisbane? I travel to some areas in the Gold Coast. Please send me a message on social media, email or sms and I will do my best to accommodate you. It’s my goal to allow as many people as possible to try EMS, get fit and have more time!

Book today and see the change in your body and overall fitness with FitXLife EMS training Brisbane.

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